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The Paths Of Guilt is my first novel. Completing it fulfils a long held desire of mine to become a writer. If not for a chance visit to the historic village of Oradour-sur-Glane often referred to as ‘The Martyr Village’, I might never have written it.

I have worked as a market trader, a hospital porter, a commodity broker and an estate agent. I am also a singer/songwriter and have run my own independent record label. For a number of years I practiced as a qualified dentist but I was always looking for something more spiritually rewarding. In writing a novel I have found that.

I have lived in Leeds, and London and Australia. Currently I live with my wife, splitting our time between West Yorkshire and the Haute Vienne in France.

Max Haven, the writer evolves

I have always aspired to do creative things. At school I was drawn to art. When I went to college, I learned to play guitar to impress a girl and ended up falling in love with singing and song writing. I tried for a number of years to get a recording contract and did the A and R shuffle hawking demos around all the major record companies in London. Despite getting a number of songs published this ultimately didn’t lead anywhere.

By then I was sharing a flat with a bunch of guys who were recording engineers, and started my own record label, Vendetta Records, with another friend who was also a recording engineer. We discovered a band called Seventeen, who later became The Alarm. We also had a hit in Europe with ‘She’s got a Bun in The Oven’ by The Runs. They were fun times.

Then for a long time, work got in the way. But I have always had a burning desire to write a novel. After my wife and I bought a small house in France, we went to visit the nearby village of Oradour-sur-Glane. This was a truly moving experience for me and it inspired the story which my novel, The Paths of Guilt, tells.

I am currently working on a number of projects and hope to have another novel: The Secrets of the Castle, out soon. There is also a sequel to The Paths of Guilt due after that.

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